The Engines of Doug Kelley


From the pages of 'The Home Shop Machinist' come full drawings and building instructions for four IC engine models from Doug Kelley.

All four are scale models and are: The Snow, a Tandem, Double-Acting Engine, the Two Cylinder Nash,, the Bruce Macbeth 4-cylinder upright, and the horizontal two cylinder Titan 50 HP engine.

All these engines feature a cylinder bore of around 1" and with the exception of the flywheels are designed to be fabricated.

The presentation of all four designs and the drawings is impeccable, and the dimesions are in decimal inches. They certainly are not designs for beginners to model engineering - as it says in the Introduction, building any of them 'will challenge your machining prowess', but you will end up with a very attractive model.

116 pages, full drawings and numerous colour photographs of parts, machining set-ups, and prototypes. Spiral Bound.

NOTE: Doug's design for the Snow was previously published on its own.