The Puffer Cookbook

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Third  printing of this glorious book, combining very good colour photographs of the Puffer VIC 32 which takes passengers for cruises round West Highland waters, with recipes for items served from the boat's renowned galley, and paintings, largely of ingredients, by David Hawson.

I know a bit about puffers, but little about cooking; however, the Camden 'girls' and my wife all started drooling over the recipes and approved them. These are divided into Soups and Starters, Lunches and Picnics, Main Courses, Puddings & Cakes and Bread. There is a slight Scottish flavour (hah!) to quite a few recipes, but there is naturally enough  a good number of sea food recipes (Prawn Cocktail with Malt Whisky anyone?), as well as various vegetarian and meat dishes. Good eating awaits!

160 very well produced pages, containing, I think, 67 recipes. Hardbound.