The Shop Wisdom of D.E. Johnson


Some seriously good stuff here . More articles from The Home Shop Machinist, Projects in Metal and Live Steam, including a brilliant series on modifying a Taiwanese Mill-Drill into a very useful and sophisticated machine. Additionally there are 22 general machining articles, 3 model steam projects and, for the keen gardener, or any reader married to one. Hardbound. 228 pages.

The individual chapters are:

General Machining

  • Build a Cutter Bit Grinding Block
  • Reducing Tap Breakage
  • Multi-Purpose Block
  • Machining Thin Disks and Rings
  • Construction & Use of the Lathe Carriage Stop
  • A Thread Tooling System and Wiggler for the Lathe
  • Serious Milling With the Lathe
  • Rapid Production of Dividing Head Index Plates
  • A Rolling Tailstock Arbor
  • Taper Shank Turning Made Easy
  • A High-efficiency Screw Press
  • A Universal Belt Tensioner
  • A Classic Boring Bar Holder
  • Micro Aids for a Full Size Machinist
  • A Drill Press Speed Reducer
  • A Universal Cross Drilling Fixture
  • Antirotation Drill Holder for the Lathe Tailstock
  • Making Chatterless Countersinks
  • Instant Soft Jaws for the Vise
  • A Quick-acting Universal Lathe Mandrel
  • A Lathe Tool Post Grinder for Serious Grinding
  • A 5C Collet Adapter for the Lathe

Mill-drill Adventures

  • Picking It Out
  • Fixing Up the Downfeed
  • Spindle Lock and Tap Starter
  • Tooling Plates
  • A Power Feed for the Main Table and a Rotary Table
  • Powering the MK-4
  • Keeping Track of the Cutting Tool and Table Positions
  • New Handwheels and Leadscrew Bearings Fix Backlash and Rattles
  • Indexing and Drilling

Live Steam Projects

  • Roll Forming Copper Boiler Heads and Similar Parts
  • An Automatic Electric Model Boiler
  • A Simplified Utility Hand Pump

Home Improvement Project

  • Building the Edge Master Lawn Edging Machine