Vulcan Locomotive Repair Parts • {circa 1930} • DIGITAL EDITION


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This fascinating 99 page landscape format publication was published by the Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, USA sometime between the World Wars, and original copies are very rare.

It starts with 6 pages on typical Vulcan products - three tank locomotives for switching, or industrial use, and three large tender locos, an 0-6-0, a 2-6-2 and a 2-8-0.

Other than a 14 page index, the rest of this book has 39 left hand pages containing either B&W photographs or drawings of parts and 39 right hand pages with the name, and code word for the various parts on the left hand page.

It was clearly possible to buy a ‘kit of parts’ for your locomotive if you felt so inclined. Fascinating information for afficionados of the American locomotive, or for modellers of the same.

A similar catalogues was produced by the Hunslet Locomotive Works for the WD 0-6-0 saddle tanks and our reprint is available in PRINTED FORMAT.