Welcome to Gauge 3


The second edition of The Gauge 3 Society Booklet and deservedly well reviewed.

Gauge 3 is the scenic version of 2 1/2" gauge and is increasing steadily in popularity, despite the fact that ideally you need a large garden to run it in - even larger than for Gauge 1. However you can make branch-line or shunting layouts for us indoors, or just build or buy models and take them to get-togethers.

I especially like the nine articles on Layout Construction, which would certainly apply to Gauges 1 and 0 as well, but there are also eight articles on locomotives powered by electricity, gas, meths and coal, as well as the radio-control of these.  And 4 articles on Rolling Stock finalise the information.

80 well produced A4 pages, crammed with colour photographs and good reading. Paperback.

We suspect this gauge could become highly addictive!