Western Pacific: The First Fifty Years: 1910 to 1960 Volume Two: California Zephyr • 72 minutes • Colour • Stereo Sound


Serving just one major centre of population in the 900 plus miles between Oakland and Salt Lake City, passenger traffic was not a major profit centre for the WP, but with its partners, the Burlington and the D&RGW it did do good business with tourists who wanted a scenic ride to and from California.

After World War Two the three railroads conceived the idea of a completely new luxury train catering for this traffic. It wouldn’t be the fastest train between Chicago and California, as it would be timed to cross the Colorado Rockies, and run through the Feather River Canyon - the scenic highlights of the route, in daylight. Thus was born the world-famous “Silver Lady” - the California Zephyr, with an emphasis on her interior amenities and service representing the epitome of luxury rail travel.

The bulk of this DVD is devoted to story of the “Silver Lady” on the WP and the history of WP passenger service in general, but it also includes footage of subsidiary interurban and trolley operations as a bonus.