Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography Chapter 8 Darkroom Contrivances, Chapter 9 Negative Making- Wet


End of Line 

Publisher: Lindsay Publications,  2008       Author: Edward L. Wilson 

Publication Date: 2008            Pages: 65

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition: New

1. Darkroom contrivances, 2. Negative making -- "wet." 1. covers darkroom layout, ventilators, washing machines, icebox to keep chemicals cool in hot weather, bath holders, a simple distillation device, filtration setups, drying racks, agitators, ways to empty silver baths, and many unusual devices not seen anymore. 2. covers negative-making - "wet". Here Southworth explains cleaning glass for coating or silvering. Richardson explains albumenizing glass. Blanchard explains how to make a brush that bears his name today. Fennemore reveals the formula for the long-lasting collodion he uses. Dr M Carey Lea debates about which side of the glass to coat