Workshop Practice Series No. 43 The Mini-Lathe

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Here David Fenner, a retired editor of Model Engineer's Workshop reviews one of the fairly numerous Mini-Lathes on the market, in this case one from Arc Euro Trade with a centre height of 90mm. However virtually all this type of lathe originate in the Far East, and all are very similar. David looks firstly at preparing the lathe from getting the boxes onto a workbench, the Tooling, Material and Geometry, Getting Started, Tooling Up and then moves on to 5 chapters on using the machine, correcting some shortcomings and making various items for use on it.  Many Min-Lathes are bought by relative newcomers to lathe use, and this is an exceptionally good primer for them or, indeed, for any new owner of a lathe, of whatever size. 132 well illustrated pages. Paperback.