Workshop Practice Series No. 49 The Milling Machine and Accessories, Choosing and Using


This book deals with the process of choosing and using a milling machine, and its accessories. In addition to the machine itself, the accessories include the cutters, cutter chucks, workpiece clamps, vices, angle plates, dividing heads, rotary tables, boring heads and other minor items.

You learn what machines and accessories are available, which are essential and which can be obtained when eventually needed. The usage of each machine and accessory is described in sufficient detail for the vast majority of uses that will surface in the home workshop.

The actual machining process and a less-understood feature of milling, back cutting, are explained in detail. The subject of sharpening milling tools is briefly covered and a simple hand grinder fixture that will bring new life to a used end-mill is described.

123 pages. Numerous colour photographs and diagrams. Paperback. Special Interest Model Books