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Great films by master model engineer and writer, the late Rudy Kouhoupt, author of many articles in “Live Steam” and “The Home Shop Machinist” magazines.

These films are good instructional aids - you have your tutor there, on your TV, you can interrupt, go back over points and generally take the whole thing in at your speed, as and when you like. Rudy was American, and so are the techniques shown, but in the few instances where practice differs, it is covered in the tape. Rudy was no professional “on screen” performer, just an very experienced model engineer, but his presentation is all the more acceptable for that. These films really were shot in Rudy’s workshop, which produced some problems, and a few “warts” are visible, despite attempts to eradicate them. Don’t buy these DVDs if you are experienced and know all about the operations involved - the ‘Fundamentals” tapes in particular are aimed at the raw beginner. Please don’t expect them to teach you everything on the subject; they should be treated as reasonably detailed introductions for beginners to the subjects covered.

(NOTE: Whilst we have large numbers of satisfied purchasers of these films, the picture quality is not as good as we would like, although we have done everything we can to improve it. The underlying reason is that the producers were “Semi-professional”, and were using high quality amateur equipment in the workshop environment, rather than professional equipment in the studio.

Knowing sales of these tapes here and America, it would be impossible to make them professionally to top standards in a studio environment, and expect to do anything other than lose a large fortune. The analogy must be with a poorly printed book which contains useful information - it is the latter that matters. If you are concerned about quality or content, please ring us to see if these DVDs will give you the information you want.)