Old Codger's Cookbook


Shortly before his death, aged 97, in May 2011, David Curwen handed me his manuscript for this book, telling me to publish it "if I thought it worthwhile.....".

In his early 80s David had found himself having to learn to cook or starve, so with his customary aplomb he set about the task with great success. Having learnt these skills, he decided to write this book, mainly aimed at others, of whatever age, who might find themselves in a similar situation.

But David wrote as he spoke, so whilst this book contains numerous practical recipes for a whole variety of items, he diverts on to a wide range of topics such as cats and their behaviour, recalcitrant cookers, the joys of a good butcher, finding Prince Charles sitting at the next table in a restaurant and much, much more. In particular this is a paean in praise of living in an English village in the heart of the countryside, as well as a very useful book of 15 full recipes, plus a chapter on vegetables. 

David Curwen had a huge zest for life, as you will find throughout this amusing, down to earth, highly readable and practical book. 74 pages. 25 delightful drawings by Wendy McCleave. Paperback. Camden

‘Thank you for selling me David Curwen's "Old Codger's Cookbook."  I have read some of it aloud to my wife, a professional writer herself, who has roared with laughter and found his style plain, delightful, and humorous.  ....... it deserves to rank as a minor classic’ Mr. W.B      USA

'I read "Old Codgers Cookbook" at a sitting, couldn't put it down, or read it sometimes, I was crying with laughter so much. Brilliant book and I have ordered three more copies.  Mr. A.B.  UK

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