3 Days - 20 Bucks


As 3 foot gauge operations in the Rockies gradually closed down in the 1940s, between 1946 and 1952 The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club sponsored excursions of the Rio Grande Southern, the D&RGW's old mainline out of Salida and in 1952 ran a two day excursion from Alomosa to Durango and back.

Subsequently the club sponsored 3 day excursions every Memorial Day Weelend until 1966 from Alomosa to Durango and then to Silverton except one year when the train headed to Farmington, the Silverton line being impassable. After the 1966 excursion the D&RGW decided it had had enough, forbade excursions, and abandoned most of the trackage. However the 63.8 mile Cumbres & Toltce, and the 45.2 mile Durango & Silverton Railroad survive to the present day.

Recorded here in text and especially photographs - B&W and colour, are the 1954 to 1966 excursions which were run whilst the rails and equipment all belonged to the D&RGW. A fascinating, and good value record of the last major passenger trains over the last of Colorado's 3 foot gaue lines.

112 very well produced pages, Around 280 photos, plus good maps and text. Paperback.