A Compendium of Articles and Papers celebrating the Centenary of the birth of the eminent Argentinian Locomotive Engineer LIVIO DANTE PORTA 1922-2003 Volume 1


As implied by the very long titles, this book is the first volume of two which celebrate the Centenary of Livio Dante Porta's birth, and his remarkable work developing the steam locomotive as its use declined around the world.

This volume concentrates on Porta's early work, notably 'Argentina', his first design which was one of the world's most powerful locomotives ever on a power to weight basis.  Also covered, but in lesser detail is his earlier work on Argentinian broad gauge steam; however the greater part of this book concentrates on his work on the 75cm gauge Rio Turbio Railway and the improvements he made to its 2-10-2s.

Technical, but highly readable, this 226 page, heavily illustrated, work, is a most welcome first volume of a 'near autobiography' of a great man of steam.