ARM1G - the other way round - REVISED EDITION


The latest construction manual from the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association, this shows how to build a twin inside-cylinder, butane gas fired 0-4-4 tank locomotive for Gauge 1. The model is based on Wainwright’s ‘H’ class for the SECR, but the design can be adapted to any 0-4-4 tank loco. The major difference between this design, and the Associations ‘Project’ and ‘Dee’ designs (both also available from us), is that a considerable number of parts for this engine can be purchased ready-to-use, so that whilst this model can be built in the traditional way, it can also be built without recourse to a lathe or milling machine, using a drill and hand tools. Put another way, if you are a traditional model engineer, and will make every component, this is not a starter design. However, if the more complex items are bought in, a starter locomotive it most certainly is. 69 pages. Extremely clear CAD drawings and numerous colour photos. Card covers and spiral bound.