Around the Glasgow Tramway System with Peter Mitchell

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We currently offer one book ("Glasgow by Tram") which covers the last year of Glasgow's tramway system before closure in September 1962. This title is bigger in every way, with 228 A4 format pages, and perhaps 3-4 times as many photographs, taken over an eleven year time span, and covering the whole system. It also includes a seperate large fold-out map of the system.

The photographs were all taken by Peter Mitchell, a Londoner who made no less than ten visits to Glasgow between 1951 and 1962, taking over 1000 excellent B&W photographs, and leaving comprehensive notes of each subject and location. He also noted the time the photographs were taken, and it is interesting that most of the morning photographs contain few pedestrians, these being much more prevelant in the afternoon ones.

The quality of Mitchell's photography is exceptional and, as well as the trams, represents Glasgow as it was 60 years ago, even if the 'Green Goddesses', 'Coronations" and 'Cunarders' together with many of the older cars are the real stars of this book.