Basic Wax Modeling: An Adventure in Creativity


The author of Basic Wax Modelling, Mr. Hiroshi Tsuyuki, is the Japanese authority on Jewellery Wax Modelling. In this book he presents 11 basic projects, each one designed to teach the use of certain tools and types of waxes in a progressive manner as one’s skills improve.

Each step of every project is accompanied by a photo and text and in some cases supplementary sketches and notes are provided to clarify those particular processes. Mr. Tsuyuki states that by conscientiously completing each project, the student should be well on the way to becoming a designer/modeler.

Hiroshi Tsuyuki’s second book, Practical Wax Modelling, co-written with Yoko Ohba, starts off where Basic Wax Modelling leaves off.

List of Projects in Basic Wax Modelling:

• A High Domed Ring

• A Ripple Patterned Ring

• A Signet Ring

• A Box Type Ring

• A Carved Flat Band Ring

• A Textured Pendant with Open Work

• A Wax Build-Up Pendant

• A Wax Build-Up Ring

• A Ring with Flower and Leaf Motif

• A Lozenge Pendant with a Cut-Out

• A Brooch with a Flower and Leaves

Hardcover, 112 pages, 283 black and white photos and illustrations.

Also see Practical Wax Modelling: Advanced Techniques for Wax Modelers