At 353 hardbound A4 format pages, this is a BIG book, and it is absolutely crammed with photographs, both colour and B&W, drawings and a few paintings on very largely British built Beyer-Garratt locomotives.

To set the scene, it starts by covering the history of both Beyer-Peack and Herbert Garratt, and then covers the development of the Garratt type in eras - before World War 1, between the Wars, and Post World War 2. But within this distinctly simplified description their lies an incredible amount of historical and technical information. In particular the problems Byer-Peacock had in selling the type to South Africa are jaw dropping.

It is difficult to imagine that this is not the last word on the Garratt's built by Beyer-Peacock; there is an eight page illustrated Appendix on Garratts built by other builders, all European, but technically more detail on these won't affect the detail in the main book.

Anyone interested in articulated engines really should have a copy of this book. - very highly recommended.