British Motor Trawlers from Development to Demise


In the Preface the author writes:

"After finally completing British Steam Trawlers, I decided to gather together all the research material for motor trawlers I had collected in tandem. These new motor ships were a complete contrast to the battered old steam trawlers. Their streamlined shape, better accomodation, up-to-date fish finding and navigational aids dreww complimentary commnets from the trawlermen. Although a few dissidents reckoned that their welded construction would never stand up to the rigours of trawling."

This is primarily a study of the development of British built and owned commercial motor side trawlers over 75ft in length and fitted with trawl winches athwartship.

At 424 A4 format hardbound pages this is a monster of a book, and has 450 B&W photos, 83 plans and 50 Figures. It covers only British built ships, plus a few foreign built ones that contributed new ideas.

A wonderful source of information for modelmakers and anyone interested in ships.