British Rail Class 20 Locomotives


The first of the English Eelctric Type 1 Bo-Bo dieslel locomotives appeared in June 1957 and 64 years later some of the 228 locomotives built over some years continue to grace British railways tracks in active service, with more in preservation.

With their cab at one end of a long hood, the Class 20s as the became were unigue and a classic example of a good looking design which was rugged and reliable. At 1000hp they were intended for freight working, but as this workd declined they were increasingly used in a 2000hp rated pair, with cabs at the outer ends.

The nicely produced book looks at the story of this class  and it service history, not just in Britain, but under the channel and in France. Extremely well ilustrated, largely with colour photographs showing the large variety of liveries Class 20s have worn over the years. The details in the photos will be especially useful to modellers, but if you got rather excited when the Hornby Dublo model of this class appeared in the early 1960s, this should bring back the memories!

207 pages and hardbound.