Building Mallets for Java at the Hanomag Works, Germany 1923

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Wonderful, and very reasonably priced book, based on photographs in the collection of film maestro Ton Pruissen.

The photographs are works ones taken in the factory of Hanomag, in Hannover Germany, and the bulk record the construction, stage by stage, of 2-8-8-0 compound Mallets for the 3'6" gauge Staatsspoorwegen in Java. These were part of a batch of these engines, based on an earlier ALCO built class, but designed for higher speeds. Others came from Hartmann and Werkspoor and some lasted into the 1970s.

Forty-two full-page photographs relate specifically to the construction of these handsome engines, and their tenders, and 8 others cover general scenes in Hanomag's works.

Additionally there are short sections on the history of Hanomag, the railways of Java/Indonesia, plus a map, principal dimensions of the mallets, and a reproduction of a 16 page issue of Hanomag's magazine describing, in German, the locomotives and the railway the were built to operate on.

72 landscape format A4 pages. Paperback. Main text and captions in English, Dutch & German.