Building the Bentley BR2 World War 1 Rotary Aero Engine - DIGITAL EDITION


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First published by Australian Lew Blackmore back in 1986, after he had won the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Trophy with his model of this engine at the 1982 ‘Model Engineer Exhibition’, I believe this is still the only book describing the construction of a large scale, working model of a real aero engine.

Modelling the BR2 does make a fascinating and challenging project for the more experienced model engineer; it is also a popular one, as the number of examples that can be seen at exhibitions, and the fact that thre have been four  printings of the book, and now this digital version, evidence.

As well as being a satisfying project, the BR2 is also an economical one, as no castings are required. The book contains full drawings, as well as a detailed description of the construction methods used by the author, with numerous B & W photos of set-ups, parts and so on. It also includes a full reprint of the 1925 MoD descriptive handbook for the engine which will help those less familiar with rotary engines to understand their workings better. 95 pages.

Andy Johnston bought the book, built a wonderful example of the engine, which he now flies in a scale model Avro 504K - he is the person starting the engine, and understandably looking worried, in the film!

Andy has also created a photo library of his building both the engine and the aircraft, plus a clock and dividing head which can be found by clicking HERE.