Building the CliShay


Bob Maynard's CliShay locomotive design was described in Live Steam magazine during the late 1970s, quickly becoming one of most popular locomotive designs built in America.

Because it is inherently simple it is an excellent beginner's project, but equally a very good quick project for the more experienced model engineer.

Based on early logging geared locomotives, as implied by the name, the CliShay has a vertical boiler, a vertical twin-cylinder engine unit and chain drive instead of gears; no castings are needed. It is simple, robust and oddly attractive. Designed for 71⁄2" gauge, you just move the wheels in 1⁄8"  for 71⁄4" gauge.

The book has full drawings, largely reproduced half-size, and the construction series, plus an update, and photos of numerous CliShays running. 106 spiral bound pages. Card covers.