Burrell Style 1900-1932 DIGITAL EDITION


First published by The Road Locomotive Society in 1994 and subsequently reprinted by the author, this is the only one of Geoffrey Gilbert's books which deals with a single manufacturer of road steam engines - Charles Burrell & Sons of Thetford.

This may have been because Geoffrey did own a Burrell engines, but whatever the reason this is a magnificent book. Not a history of the firm, rather it tells of the range of engines produced, the design of the components used, manufacture & finish and so on. There is also a full listing of all the engines produced between 1900 and 1932.

The original book has 265 pages with 73 illustrations, both drawings and B&W photographs. Many of these are vertical, and difficult to view in a Digital Edition, whch cannot be rotated, so we have added an extra 28 pages with these illustrations shown horizontally, although somewhat reduced in size.

All Geoffrey Gilbert's book contain a huge amount of information on road steam engines, and this is no exception.


(1) The download is a larger file, and depending our your broadband speed may take a couple of minutes to download completely.

(2) This Digital Edition includes the ability to print, but not download, individual pages, or two page spreads.