Charles R. Gordon-Stuart, the English photographer who loved French trains


Charles R. Gordon-Stuart was an English photographer born in 1909, who made his first railway images in France in the Paris region in 1938. After the war, he had the opportunity to return and travel all the regions of the SNCF between 1947 and 1964. He was therefore a privileged witness to the evolution of French railways, from the end of the companies to the decline of steam and the appearance of contemporary means of traction. 

From this photographic collection made available by Bram van der Velden, responsible for the archives of the French Railway Society, this work retraces the railway journeys in France of Charles R. Gordon-Stuart through nearly 600 previously unpublished black and white images, captioned by Luc Fournier, Project Manager for railway heritage at the French Ministry of Culture.  

320 pages, nearly 600 illustrations, format 21 x 28.5 cm.
Text in French and English.