Cherry’s Model Engines - the Story of the Remarkable Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill is one of the world’s greatest model engineers - arguably the greatest, and her models are guaranteed to win top prizes whenever they are exhibited. All bar two early models are of road steam machines, the vast majority being of Victorian flights of fancy, which haven’t always seen the light of day in full size versions.

The prototypes are always extensively researched and then built to the highest standards from stock material - no parts are bought in. This book illustrates all of the models in exquisite detail and describes every one of her models, which have won no less than nine Gold Medals and the same number of Duke of Edinburgh Awards - the highest accolade in model engineering.It also describes the history of her prototypes, and failings she has discovered when making the models which mean they could never have worked if they had been built in full size.

It looks at how Cherry  developed as a model engineer from a young age, and how she goes about researching, designing, constructing and painting the models. However, there are no details of her machining techniques, which seem to be conventional, but done superbly well. 

148 large format (250 x 250mm) pages. Over 170 illustrations, of which over 120 are superb colour photographs, many full page. Hardback.

This is a fitting tribute to an awe-inspiring, but very modest, model engineer.