Classic Diesel Years Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh & Wick


Sixty mainly full landscape format B&W photos of diesel power on the Highland mainline from Inverness and Wick (742 miles from Euston), and its 'branch' to Kyle of Lochalsh. during the latter BR days from 1980 until the coming of the Class 156 "Sprinter" units in 1989.

This was a period when the BRCW Classes 24 & 26/27 (the mainstays of the line since dieselisation) were still active, and Classes 20 & 37 are also seen, frequently amongst the majesty of the Highland scenery. The line to Kyle was undoubtedly the most scenic of the Highland lines; that northwards to Wick is less well known and photographed, so the 22 photos of it here are to be welcomed.

56 page paperback.