CNC control of milling machines is now available in a size that they can be used in the smallest of workshops. This allows the user to be more ambitious in producing different items and especially in the production of multiple items.

In this book the author takes a practical approach to the different aspects of CNC Milling work enabling you to make full use of your machine.

One word of caution:- this book is not aimed at the complete beginner, it makes the assumption that you have a CNC enabled milling machine which is set up, and have a basic idea as to what you are doing on a computer. If this is the case, this book is a must-have tool.

Included within the book is a guide to the major CAD/CAM/CNC software such as Mach3, LinuxCNC and Vectric packages, as well as a large number of practical projects in each section.

We highly recommend this book if you want to go electronic. 144 pages profusely illustrated with loads of colour photographs, diagrams, charts and so on. Hardbound.