DIGITAL EDITION "STELLA" a Hot Air Engine powered Locomotive for 45 & 32mm gauge railways


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“Stella’ is the second design and book from Peter Scott, designer of ‘Ephraim’.  As far as we are aware it is also the first ever published design for a model hot air engine locomotive.

Hot air engine (or Stirling engine) powered locomotives never existed in reality, but in model form they have the considerable benefit of no boiler to build and test, and “Stella” will run for long periods without any attention, on a small filling of methylated spirit . The prototype “Stella” will happily pull half a brick on a standard truck, so is unusually powerful for this type of locomotive.

Hot air engines do require careful work to build, so that there is no unnecessary friction, and, whilst they can be built by a beginner on their own, who has access to suitable equipment, he or she will find it easier if they can be given guidance by an experienced model engineer.

The engine unit may be built on its own, and will function perfectly well as a stationary engine.

This book describes the building of a 45mm gauge model, but following numerous requests Peter Scott has come up with some simple chassis and gearing alterations which mean "Stella" can also be made for 32mm gauge railways. The locomotive above footplate level remains exactly the same for both gauges. Full details and drawings of how to change the gauge are in the Digital Edition,  as are extra hints and tips on building the engine.

Laser-cut parts are available - click HERE for details. A lovely and interesting project!

101 pages with full drawings and vast numbers of photographs of machining set-ups.