Dean's Play Hour Series No. 3 - ENGINES


Aimed at children aged 8 years old or so, who wanted to know how railway engines, and railways worked, and published in the 1920s, judging by the locomotive featured.

In fact, all well done and could be of interest to a child (of any age) enthused by a visit to a preserved railway. Wriiten by G.G. Jackson, there are 4 full page colour paintings, 4 full page B&W drawings  and numerous B&W viginettes by A. Chidley, all well drawn and with instantly recognisable subjects, evenif these are sometimes wrongly described. This will delight thr right child, or the older enthusiast with a nostalgia for the past.

CONDITION: Much loved by a child. The hard covers are loose on the boards and loose from the text pages and some of the B&W illustrations have been 'coloured in', usually neatly, by pencil, with a few disasters, possibly by a young sister?