Design Procedures for Walschaerts' and Stephenson's Valve Gears


Don Ashton's final edition of his well known book on designing Walschaerts and Stephenson's valve gear is available again, reprinted by agreement with him.

Originally published as two separate booklets back in 1976, this is the 2007 combined and much updated edition, the major change being the inclusion of much more information on the use of the computer to ensure any given layout gives the best possible valve events. 

To get the best from this book you will have to be reasonably proficient in mathematics and, ideally, be computer literate. With these you should be able to lay out top-notch Walschaerts or Stephenson's valve gear for any steam locomotive, traction or marine engine etc.

43 x A4 format text pages with numerous drawings, diagrams and tables. Softcover.

A DIGITAL EDITION is also available for this book HERE