Eagle's War Aircraft Carrier HMS Eagle 1939-1942


Many Royal Naval ships distinguished themselves during World War 11, and became household names. Amongst these was the first aircraft carrier called HMS Eagle, largely because of her operations, and those of her aircraft,  in the Mediterranean,  specifically on the run from Gibraltar to Malta, to supply fighters to that besaieged island.

Fully completed in early 1924, Eagle was converted from the hull of a battleship laid down for the Chilean Nay in 1913, and by the time the war started she was very slow for an aircarft carrier.

Eagle's luck ran out in August 1942 when she was torpedoed during Malta Convoy operation 'Pedestal' on its way to Malta, and sank very quickly.

This title covers Eagle's wartime service from the Far East and in the Indian Ocean, before her brave service in the Malta convoys. It gives an almost day-by-day account of her battles and actions as seen through the eyes of former crew members, and is a fitting tribute to all who served aboard her or flew from her decks.

192 text pages, plus around 40 smaller B&W photographs. Paperback.