Explosive Power on Tramways in the British Isles


IC powered trams in the British Isles were rare, be they powered by gas, petrol or diesel engines. The biggest users were Lytham St Annes, and after it sold its examples to the Neath and District Tramways, that Company used them from 1897 to 1920. The small Morecambe Tramway also used examples from 1912-1924.

In general though IC passenger trams were short lived, or downright unsuccessful, and the author somewhat stretches the definition of tramway to include further and generally more successful examples.

Where IC power was, and is, much more common was on service vehicles, although these are frequently not recognisable as trams. The story does come right up to date however, with developments of the Parry People Mover flying the flag for this largely forgotten type of conveyance!

93 pages with around 110 B&W photos. Paperback.