Greenly's Model Steam Locomotive Designs and Specifications


Henry Greenly’s classic book Model Steam Locomotives appeared in successive editions from 1922 onwards, the seventh edition being published in 1951 and was reprinted by ourselves a few years ago

A companion handbook to this book appeared in 1934. In it Greenly gathered together a large number of his locomotive designs, ranging from a simple 0 gauge model up to 5-inch gauge locomotives eminently suitable for passenger-hauling purposes. He also used this book to give instructions, and lay down specifications for various designs which supplemented the principles embodied in Model Steam Locomotives.

Both the main book and the handbook were revised, with the range of gauges increased and technical updating, by Greenly’s son-in-law Ernest A. Steel in the early 1950s, and it is the revised handbook which is reprinted here.

In the first half you will find sections covering Fundamentals of Design, Dimensioned Designs for Cylinders and Valve Gears, Design of Boilers, and Handling Model Locomotives - these being anything from 0 Gauge up to 15-inch gauge. The other half of this book is used to describe twenty locomotive designs, from a simple 0 gauge 0-4-4 tank locomotive to seven Gauge 1 locomotives, three 21⁄2-inch gauge, two 31⁄2-inch gauge, three 5-inch gauge and two 71⁄4-inch gauge locomotives, and two 15-inch gauge designs. Some of these are likely to surprise the historians as it would appear that Greenly was the first to design models of certain well know locomotives, and other appear re-scalled and re-named; his 5-inch gauge 'Halton Tank' appears here in 71⁄4-inch gauge. And this book must be the first appearance of the Gaue 1 'Project' single-cylinder layout.

Not only does this book contain a wealth of useful design information, it reveals just how good and versatile Greenly was; no other designer covering such a wide range of gauges or scales.