LMS Locomotive Profile No. 11 The 'Coronation' Class Pacifics


Superb book on the most powerful of all the British railways Pacific locomotives, the LMS 'Coronation' class.

Whilst there is good text, and generally very good B&W photos of the locomotives under construction and in both their streamlined, and de-frocked forms, what makes the book an absolute must for any modeller are the 30 drawings, largely of the LMS/BR originals, often across two fold-out pages. The full list of these will be found HERE in PDF format.

Very well produced 174 page softcover book; building a 'Coronation' or a 'Duchess'? Don't wait - you really do need a copy of this book!

There is also a 'Pictorial Supplement' available to this book, which contains more photos, but fewer drawings. It also contains drawings and photographs relating to the last two locomotives in the class, Nos. 6256 and 46257,the design of which incorporated a number of alterations by the then CME H.G. Ivatt