Marvelous Magnetic Machines


This different, and interesting 'Projects' book comes from the pen of H.P. Friedrichs, the author of 'The Voice of the Crystal' and 'Instruments of Amplification', both of which we have sold for many years.

Here he turns his attention to electric motors, or more accurately, to turn solenoids into electric motors of varying shaped and types. There are five of these, but the author starts with 24 pages covering safety and principles. Being something of a dunce when it comes to electrics, I found the later very clear and illuminating.

The descriptions of the 5 models are clear, but note that they are all built from scrap, so that there are no detail dimensions to work from - it all depends on the size of scrap you can beg,borrow, steal or scavenge.

A really interesting book and projects; 155 hardbound pages full of drawings, diagrams, photos - mainly in colour, and maths.