PIONEER a Non-compression Internal Combustion Engine · 230 mins ·


Rudy’s last engine, Pioneer is a dynamic 2-stroke cycle, open frame engine with poppet valves. The cams, valves, con rod and all moving parts are visible - no gears! And, as with the steam and hot air engines, no castings are required. Spark plug ignition. 12 sheets of plans, and assembly instructions, plus some building ones, up there on your screen. Two disc DVD set.

'..... the quality is excellent. I watched one DVD the first night and watched the second DVD on the following afternoon and I throroughly enjoyed both of them.

The DVDs teach you how to assemble the components of the engine, not how to machine them. Saying that, there is some machining information on items the beginner to machining might find difficult such as making the crankshaft and the cams as well as boring the cylinder and lapping the valves in.

I was so impressed with this engine that as soon as I finished watching the second DVD, I went on to Ebay to order some aluminium to start construction. ...... I rang the local timber yard up to get some Ash to make the wood framework to mount the engine on. ......  As you have probably realised, I quite like the look of this little engine'. 

David Clark - Editor Model Engineers' Workshop Issue No. 149  April 2009