Railways and Scenery Series Vols II & III Pre-war Journeys No's 39 to 76


Two out of the 4 volumes in a series published in 1932 in which the author recounts railway journeys he made in many countries around the world up to the start of the First World War, as well as shorter descriptions of boat journeys.

Many of the railway journeys include records of timing, and also frequently the types of locomotives used. Given the frequency and length of these 'expeditions' the author was clearly a man of means and his writing is generally readable if obviously dated.

The only illustrations are outlines of hills and mountains which he felt deserved  a drawing!

Book II has 699 pages, Book III has 754 pages. Both are hardbound, with slight wear to the covers, otherwise good.

Taken together these books illustrate just what long distance railway travel was like in the Edwardian era for the well-heeled.