Rio Grande's Narrow Gauge K-36 Locomotives


In the 1920s the D&RGW in Colorado had reduced its 3' gauge network considerably, but traffic on what was left was growing rapidly, and its older engines were worn out.

So builders Baldwin were given an order for 10 new narrow gauge, outside frame Mikados, embracing many modern developments - the K-36 class, and these were soon hauling freight over the 4 percent grades of Cumbres and Marshall passes, as well as the rest of the system.

Nearly 100 years later, remarkably nine of the ten locomotives still exist and eight are in service on the Durango and Silverton, and Cumbres and Toltec tourist railroads.

Included in the 218 beautifully laid out and printed pages of this book are over 300 photos (B&W and colour), maps, track folios, diagrams, some drawings including two three page foldout 1/4" to the foot drawings of both sides of No. 485.

The K-36 is a popular prototype for modellers in many scales and they will find the numerous photos of each engine useful for getting their models 'right' at various times in their long careers.