Set of 3 Engineering Drawings of an 1869 2-4-0 ‘Locomotive d’express’ of the PLM Railway


We have limited quantities of these superb engravings reproducing 3 drawings originally produced for the ‘Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees’ (the French government department covering railways), presumably around the time of the locomotives’ introduction in 1869.

The drawings are of the first 15 of a class which was the first express locomotive of the Paris-Lyon - Méditerranée Company with coupled driving wheels, and which was in very large measure the same as the Forquenot locomotives of the Orléans Railway. To increase stability at speed, the PLM was later to rebuilt its versions as 2-4-2 locomotives, and, as such, they lasted up till 1910.

The set comprises (1) a side elevation, (2) Front and rear elevations with 2 cross-sections and (3) a longitudinal cross-section with a top half-cross section, and are to 1/20 scale. They are printed on very heavy cartridge paper and each measures 62.5 cms x 48.5 cms, and show the locomotive only.

Obviously good if you wanted to model such a locomotive, these drawings look wonderful framed, and as such will suitably grace any room in your property - not just the workshop.

Shipped in a stout cardboard tube.