Seven Sawmills plus several others ... Vol. 3 • 79 mins


In this third volume and final volume in this wonderful, the two sawmills featured are:

Endean’s Mill: George Ottaway spent his whole life at Endean’s Mill, at Waimiha in the King Country.  Starting as a yard boy, he finished up managing and then owning the mill.  He did everything - including teaching himself the art of saw doctoring.  Whilst no longer operational, Endean’s mill is today the most complete example of a bush saw mill still standing in New Zealand  -  it is a site that resonates with a significant slice of the nation’s economic history.  

Lindsay & Dixon’s Mill; located in the far south of the South island, this is the last mill handling native New Zealand timber.  It’s story is one of learning to live in an ecologically sensitive age, and a story of the importance of marketing in today’s world. This film shows how the timber is used, from skewers to fine furniture, from private to public buildings, including the sensational achievement of the new Supreme Court building in Wellington. 

And there really is plenty more!