"Skookum" and "CV-4"


This fascinating programme covers the story of two rare operating Mallet locomotives to be found on the 10 mile preserved Niles Canyon Railway: the 1909 "Skookum" (2-4-4-2), and the 1924 "Clover Valley #4" (2-6-6-2). The history of trains in Niles Canyon dates from 1862, before the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Once part of the vast Southern Pacific system, the tracks were abandoned in 1984. Today the line through the canyon is operated as the Niles Canyon Railway by the Pacific Locomotive Association.

The “Skookum” had a varied career on logging railroads until it rolled off a trestle, was abandoned, rescued by a railfan, changed owners, was moved twice, had parts lost, and is now finally restored fifty years later, looking like she just emerged from the Baldwin Locomotive works. The 110-year story of the "Skookum" is told through interviews and illustrated with color stills , plus archive footage. A special section for modelers details the machinery and workings of this legendary locomotive.

The "Clover Valley #4" hauled logs on the Boca and Loyalton Railroad in Northern California. After being retired, she came to Niles Canyon, underwent major repairs, and is currently restored. Rare archival footage details her past.

This film will interest those who want to know more on how Mallet locomotives work, watch a locomotive rise from a debris field of parts, or to take a cab ride filmed from all angles.

Additional features include footage of the SP 4-6-2 No. 2472, and a steam quadruple header; 60 minutes of action and information for you to enjoy!

Unlike other Catenary Video Productions which are almost exclusively archive film, this DVD is largely digital footage shot in 2019, with limited archive material.