Small Layout Design Handbook


Reprinted October 2023 with minor alterations.

Some years ago we offered a book on building 'micro-layouts' by an American modeller, Carl Arendt, which proved very popular indeed.

This British book, which features both British and American prototypes is similar, although the layouts are better described as short 'shelf' layouts, usually in the region of 3 foot or so long. Most are for 00/H0 or N gauge, and are based on prototypes researched on the  internet, including Goggle Earth maps.

The result are 24 different and differing layouts all of which would look good on a shelf and would be ideal for testing engines, or for that odd half-hour of relaxing operating.

As well as the plans, four opening chapters cover - Finding your space, The marriage of space and prototype, Small layout success, and Layout as part of your home.

Beautifully produced, all in colour. 80 landscape format pages. Paperback

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