Soviet and Russian Ekranoplans - new expanded edition

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We sold loads of the first edition of this book when it was published in 2010; now it is back in a very considerably expanded second edition - 392 pages of it in all.

The first 130 pages cover the pioneering work of Alekseyev, head of the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau, including the KM, aka ‘The Caspian Sea Monster’, and many of the larger Ekranoplanes which followed.

Forty pages follow on the work of Robert Bartini, including the CCCP-19172, which was amphibious and capable for higher altitude flight that most WIG craft. The rest of the book is devoted to projects and experiments both within Russia and further afield.

Whether the Ekranoplan idea can be developed further is questionable, but it will be interesting to see what emerges. Over 1000 illustrations - drawings, B&W and colour photographs. Hardbound.