Step by Step Metalwork 3


"This book is well written, well-illustrated and possibly the easiest to follow book I have every see, It is an ideal book for a real novice to the world of live steam and in particular for a young person just starting out

David Proctor - review in the January-February 2021 issue of Australian Model Engineering

If you are taking your first steps in model engineering or, indeed an experienced model engineer looking for some quick projects to build your children or grandchildren, this is a very good place indeed to start.

Why? Well when it was originally published in 1972, author Kenneth Wells was the Master in Charge of Metalwork at the then Manor Court School in Portsmouth, and this was actually the third, and last in a series which came from the designs and instructions he produced for pupils in his classes. Kenneth's aim was that the pupils could build one of his designs in a school year, and have something they had made to take home at the end of that year.

The idea caught on to such and extent that the designs were published in book form and were sold widely in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The copy we created this reprint from had at one time been in the library of the Dundee College of Education, and today there are many men of a certain age who still treasure the items they made from Kenneth Wells' designs and instructions.

This last volume was aimed at more senior and experienced pupils, and contains drawings and full building instructions for a low-pressure stationary or marine steam unit, and a simple traction engine model. In building either model you will be instructed in working sheet metal, soldering, simple lathework, filling, folding, taping and threading,annealing, flanging, silver soldering, pattern making, molding and much, much more.

Some use of workshop machinery is needed to complete these models, although a mini-lathe will cope with the machining. Alternatively, join a model engineering society with workshop facilities, or evening classes and have supervision to hand. This book can certainly start you on a wonderful hobby!

94 landscape A4 format pages, with considerable number of drawings, and B&W photographs which clarify the instruction. Spiral bound with acetate outer covers.

A DIGITAL EDITION of this book is available HERE.

"My father and I built the traction engine together, as a first project in metalwork at evening classes run by a local school in the 1970s. Great book, still have it and the engine"

Facebook post by D.L. 9 July 2020