Stirling Engine Projects Volume 1


James Rizzo's 'The Stirling Engine Manual' was the first new book we published - 20 years ago, so we are delighted to be publishing his latest book.

In this book, the first in a projected series, the James covers “Bell-Crank” engines, where a Bell-Crank is the key component of the drive mechanism. This is the oldest of all such mechanisms to be found in a Stirling Engine, and amongst the simplest to calculate, construct and install. The first two chapters of this book deal specifically with this mechanism, with chapter three covering Heating and Cooling, and chapter four providing a very useful guide to fault finding and trouble shooting.

The six ‘Projects’ which follow describe, in detail, how to build increasingly sophisticated Stirling engines, all of which have Bell-Crank mechanisms. Three of these designs are for a horizontal engine, three for vertical engines, one being a twin cylinder machine. The six designs will provide interesting exercises for all hot air builders, from the beginner to the more experienced, and if followed through, will move a beginner to the ‘more experienced’ category.

 Full drawings, for metric and imperial dimensions are included, as well as numerous photographs of parts, machine set-ups and the like. Essentially all the models may be built from scrap, so the cost of materials is low. This, coupled with the simplicity of most of the designs, makes them especially attractive to newcomers to model engineering.

 Finally, to show just what can be achieved, there is a selection of photographs of the superb engines built by Peter Beier of Austria, some of which have been put to practical use.

This is a book which will appeal to anyone with an interest in the Stirling engine

128 colour pages, and an A4 format paperback.

A DIGITAL EDITION of 'Stirling Engine Projects' is available HERE