STORYLAND a new mythology of Britain


Soaked in mist and old magic this is a new telling of the mytholgy of Britain. It begins between the Creation and Noah's Flood, follows the footsteps of the earliest generation of giants from an age when the children of Cain and the progeny of fallen angels walked the earth, to the founding of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, the birth of Christ, the wars between Britons, Saxons and Vikings, closing with the arrival of the Normans.

Here are retellings of thirty tales from legend, each of which is accompanied bythe background to the tale and its links. Some feature people you will know about, but most don't. This is a wonderful book which illuminates a collective memory that is still tied to many of the people and places described.

A highly erudite, but highly readable and enjoyable book which will tell you an awful lot you probably didn't know before.

360 hardbound pages, illustrated with the author's own linocut engravings.