Tesla Turbine and other engines from Jeff Maier

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Absolute corker of a book containing  drawings and construction details for four very interesting models, extracted from Live Steam and The Home Shop Machinist magazines. The models are a Tesla Turbine, a Two-cylinder Uniflow Engine, a Terry Turbine and a horizontal single cylinder Uniflow Engine. These engines are not small - the Tesla Turbine has 7” diameter disks, the two-cylinder Uniflow has cylinders 3.25” x 1.5”, the Terry Turbine has a 4’ diameter rotor, and the flywheel on the horizontal Uniflow is 7” in diameter. Jeff Maier used a commercial casting for this but, in general, these engines are built from stock materials.Fascinating projects, both from the prototypes, and their construction in model form. 176 hardbound pages, with complete drawings, and numerous B&W set-up photographs.