The 5AT Fundamental Design Calculations

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It is now unlikely that David Wardale’s design for a very advanced 4-6-0 - The 5AT, will ever be built, but David had done the fundamental calculations for the design, and they are set out in the 555 pages of this book.

Whilst there are also accompanying diagrams and technical specifications, there are no full drawings for the 5AT itself, the calculations having been done so that this next stage could potentially be undertaken. This book will be of considerable use and help to anyone involved in locomotive design or engineering, notably ‘new-builds’; to the casual reader it is unlikely to be of great interest, unless he really wants to know exactly how detailed the calculations have to be, down virtually to the last nut and bolt.

The first 24 pages are a brief history of the project and the specification, including nine side elevation drawings and paintings (in B&W) by Robin Barnes, showing the design's external development - outside that it is calculations. A4 format paperback.

(NB. as this book is understandably printed in small batches there may be short delays in delivery from time to time).