The Bessbrook and Newry Tramway


Fascinating brief history of this Irish 3 foot gauge electrified line, little known despite going about its business for 62 years until closure in 1942.

Just over 7 miles long, the line was distinctly quirky; for a start, it used a centre third rail to supply power over its whole length, apart from a crossing of a major road, where collection by a sort of pantograph took over. Secondly it carried freight traffic in some quantity and in wagons whose wheels were flangless. These ran on extra rails outside the running rails, so the wagons could be removed from the rails and horse-drawn over the roads if required. And the Tramway seems to never have had more than 2 operable motor coaches at any time.

Nicely produced 48 page landscape format book, with informative text, 31 B&W photos, many full page, plus maps and a gradient diagram. Paperback.