The Coming of the Railway - a New Global History 1750-1850


I saw this book very well reviewed in 'Country Life', which last year led us to The Perfect Sword, was considering it when a customer in the USA told me we ought to stock it - he was, of course, quite right and here it is. Thanks Joel!

This really is a splendid book, and was my bedtime reading for a week or so, taking me deep into the misty start of the railway era - one we all think we know, but certainly most of us don't know the full fascinating story.

The intermingling of the different technologies, as they developed and fed off each other is a theme throughout the book, and this especially applies to the various forms of early track and materials used, from stone, through various ferrous materials up to today's specialised steel. Amongst much more covered are the various personalities involved, some successful and hence well known today, others still successful but less well known.

16 pages of colour plates, most 2/3rds postcard size. 401 text pages with some B&W drawings. The text pages include 38 pages of Notes and 24 of Bibliography. Hardbound and recommended.